Online Resources

Mathletics is a resources that we have bought into for our children who are currently (June 2018) in Year 2 through to Year 5.  The aim of the resource is to reinforce and extend the children's learning in areas of mathematics that have been taught in class.  There is also a facility for children to improve their times tables and their rapid recall by taking on the challenge of playing against children in the school and throughout the world (in a safe way).  
We are very keen that the children make extensive use of this resource and so, if they have ever lost their password please do not hesitate to contact their teacher.  
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Click on the links below to access the website (free) or the apps (paid).
Our collective worship channel is up and running here, for the benefit of schools and families at this time. We have 4 videos on there so far.
If you missed the parents' session about Mathletics then feel free to view the presentation and other resources below.