Rapid Recall

The ability to rapidly recall mathematical facts without thinking about them is a key element of mathematics.  It is so important when for application in mathematics and enables children to be able to access deeper level questions without first spending a long time working out something that should have come into their head instantly.  
Often it is difficult to find enough time in the school day to ensure that all children have got the knowledge that they need as, for some children, it takes a little longer to commit the facts to memory.  Fortunately it is very easy to practice these things at home as there are so many games and websites that can be played. 
On this page we will place resources, tips and links to help you.  The first resource that you will see is a document called 'Just Know It' which lists down what mental maths skills children should have by when.
If there is every anything that you are not sure about in your child's mathematics please do not hesitate to pop into school and see you child's teacher.
Table Races
Table races (actually covering a range of mental maths skills) are a new resource that we are developing to help children have lots of practice in quickly solving problems in their head using basic number facts, times tables or related facts.  
Below you will see a document that tells you what table races a child should be able to complete by when.  We have also uploaded all the table races so that you can practice at home.  Don't forget to limit your children to the time stated on the sheet.  In school, children will have had to successfully answered all the questions in the allotted time before they can move on.  This is to ensure that they really have got the facts.