Sports Premium

Sports Premium is funding that comes direct from the Government in order to improve the participation of pupils in physical activity and to encourage them to take part in more competitive sports.
In our school we have spent Sports Premium in various ways including:
  • Funs Scheme and purchasing supporting equipment
  • Subsidising clubs
  • Event costs
  • more coaching opportunities through Ocra 
This has led to a significant increase in participation in clubs across the school. 
It was a good year for our school in terms of sport with an ever increasing percentage of children taking part in intra and inter school competition and with the school enjoying more competitive success in the area.  This was particularly in Cross Country, athletics, swimming and cycling.
Please click on the link below for a summary of the money we received, how we spent it and the impact that it had.  You will also see the money that we will receive for the future and how we plan to spend that.