Year 6 Revision Website

3rd January 2016

Calling all Year 6 children and their parents!  Over the holiday I have put together a small website with the purpose of being a central point for help, support and homework/ revision materials for the Year 6 pupils and their parents. 

This year is a particularly difficult one for the Year 6 pupils as they will have to sit tests that have a more challenging content in a format that is different from previous years.  Therefore, I am particularly keen to work alongside parents so that we can help the children to be as prepared as possible.

On the website teachers of Year 6 children will post their weekly homework so that you know what it is.  There is also an increasing library of video tutorials to help children and parents remember some of the more tricky aspects of calculation and grammar/ punctuation.  On the site there is also a dynamic document that will change which has a simple breakdown of the maths that the children will be assessed against in school with a practical example of what that looks like and links to resources.  This document will change regularly.

It is really important to me that whether you are a Year 6 pupil or Year 6 parent the website is useful and so, if there is something on it that you not understand of something that is not on it that you want to be then please pop in and see me and I will do my best to get it on.

Mr Conners